PAN--- No-No!-- Blows-Blows!!!!!

So last time I blogged I was raving about Ready To Wear's mascara or rather Lash Extension product with mascara. Still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that! Let DD try it out (just Lash Extension w/ her other mascara) and got "can you get me some for my birthday?" I will be watching Ready To Wear on HSN for any bargains with this product!!

When I ordered the Ready To Wear kit, I also ordered the special value of the day from HSN... No-No! Hair remover. 60 days to try it out, free shipping and flex pay for long term hair removal- sounds awesome right?? The demonstrators were running this puppy all over with big smiles and words like "grows back finer and finer" coming out of their mouths.

About a week after my order it arrived. Whoo-hoo-- Hoozey is on her way to be this hair free goddess right? I read the directions and seems easy enough but starting to think "hmm?" because they recommend burning scented candles to mask the smell of burnt hair. NICE!! "Honey, what's that awful smell?" "Oh, just me & my No-No!"

So first I try it out on my arms with the smaller tip because in all honesty the stache & goatee are my least favorite "hair issues." At first the head kept popping up & down but I learned the correct way to "glide" it along my arm. On to the face! "OUCH!!!! WTF was that??? Is that little "slash" a burn??" Pull skin tighter-- "OK, maybe I'm getting the hang of this" as I roll No-No! along cheeks-- ah, the smell of burnt hair.  Back to trying on chin & stache -- "OUCH!!!" OK that's probably enough for today... time to buff and work on legs.

30 minutes later about a 3 inch by 12 inch swatch on right leg has been No-No!-ed-- I'll be hair free in no time......NOT!!! Buff, buff, buff... hmmm, seems like it missed some. Not even that area is "hair free." This may take some time to reach "hair free" status.

A few days later, I try again-- same results only now when trying to do my legs, the No-No! indicator keeps saying that the head is no working properly. Turn off, turn back on, & work on leg-- damn AGAIN??? As if when it is working properly isn't time consuming enough??? Face trial again-- OUCH!!! OUCH!!! OUCH!!!! Not even going to TRY this on my bikini area or armpits. WTF were these people thinking??? WTF was I thinking when I order this???

No-No! went back in the box and I gladly paid the $5.50 to ship that piece of $h*t back to HSN. Lesson learned-- facial hair removal will have to be the old plucking, waxing, whatever. And I would much rather spend the 5 minutes with my Venus razor to actually have smooth legs and pits!!!!

Here's a lovely photo of my face with all my No-No! burns...  & all the hair left behind too!

NICE Huh?? Isn't this a lovely look??

The kicker is that with all this pain & suffering (and time) No-No! does a horrible job actually removing hair- just doesn't seem to get all the hairs in it's path burnt so you are still left with stubble after it's use. And you are left with such a pleasant smell in the air/on your skin. Like I am just going to sit around my living room, watching TV & using my No-No! Only thing that would be nicer is eating bon-bons along with???

So after I made decision that No-No! Blows-Blows!! I am watching "Good Morning America" one morning and the woman is reviewing "as seen on TV" products. Low & behold she is doing No-No!-- after the review, I just count myself lucky that my burns were  as few-- her chin looked like crosshatching of little No-No! burns!! She ended her No-No! segment with "No-No! NO NO!!"

FAN & PAN-- Latest beauty trials

Been a LONG time since I blogged. Suffice it to say that I was very busy with end of school year, track season, & DD's graduation along with a large interior decor job and beach vacation. I finally finished up the sewing projects for customer the other day and wanted to take a bit of time to review two recent purchases. 
READY TO WEAR- L-R- Power Lash Mascara,
Lash Extension & Volume Lash Mascara. 
BIG FAN of READY TO WEAR Designer Volume Lash & Designer Power Lash Mascaras along with LASH EXTENSION. I recently purchased these off of HSN- these three products along with a eye shadow collection in a single case for $35. After seeing the performance of the mascaras/lash extension demonstrated on air at HSN I thought I'd give it a go. You may know what a mascara fiend I am so this may not surprise you. Plus they had the set on flex pay and free shipping. Even drug store bands of mascaras can be pricy so the price tag was reasonable in my opinion. The trio of eye shadow colors were almost identical to DD's favorites from Dayna's Minerals eye shadows- Rustic, Summer Highlight & Mahogany- in one little pan so I thought it may be a nice little gift for her to have in one handy container at college. I did try the eye shadows- the colors are nice but they do not apply as effortlessly as my own loose mineral eye shadows and not as much color payoff as the 3 Dayna's Minerals colors that they resemble. The Designer Power Lash Mascara has the multi-level bristled brush for application. This mascara is more lengthening. The Lash Extension has like a felted pad that captures the fibers and allows you to brush onto wet mascara. The Designer Volume Lash Mascara has a teddy bear brush to apply. I thought each brush worked very well for product it was to apply. 
LASH EXTENSION Fibers on "brush"
So about a week after ordering READY TO WEAR arrived and I am just GIDDY to share with you. The real powerhouse is the LASH EXTENSION so I am going to give a little detail on that one. LASH EXTENSION is NOT a mascara. Instead it is a small bottle filled with tiny black fibers. LASH EXTENSION cannot be used alone because it needs a base of wet mascara to adhere to lashes and then set with top coat of mascara. May seem like a lot of work but the results are amazing. 
Here is my before- I actually am rather blessed with long lashes. I think my use of emu oil as moisturizer also helps since my lashes are conditioned by this too. I always apply mascara last in my makeup routine and this is actually how READY TO WEAR works best because the Lash Extension fibers fall around eye area and are easily brushed away after mascaras are applied.
First I applied READY TO WEAR DESIGNER LASH VOLUME LASH MASCARA to my upper lashes. Demonstration recommends doing only one "lash" (single eye upper or lower) with mascara and then quickly applying LASH EXTENSION to the wet mascara. 
This is my eye with 1 coat Volume Lash and Lash Extension (fibers) applied to my eye. Already it's almost like fake lashes have been applied to this eye. Then a layer of READY TO WEAR DESIGNER POWER LASH MASCARA was applied on top.

Serious lashes when all three products are used without looking total spider eye and gunky. When I was watching on air I kept thinking "Twiggy false eye lash look" because the makeup artist applied to top and bottom lashes for very dramatic results. 
easily removed with a fluffy brush afterward.

Here's a side view of my lashes with all three products applied. The fibers lengthen and add "extra lashes" giving an almost false eyelash look without the trouble. 

Looks like I have tons of thick, dark lashes.
Crazy Length!!!
Fall out fibers brushed away. Tons of long, dark lashes. 
Don't you just focus on the lashes?

I keep noticing how open my eyes look with READY TO WEAR

Next up is review of my "Pan" item.