Soaps, soaps, and more soaps.

So I already blogged about my annual soap order from Natural Soap Wholesale and it lead to another order because I loved several of the sample scents too much to wait until next year- plus I figure I could add them to my Christmas gifts to SILs if they arrived in time. Fortunately they ship quite quickly so I was able to do just that.

I ordered 2 loaves of Biscotti (almond/orange/yummy yummy yummy scent) 1 loaf of Grapefruit Margarita (ordered one before so now I had some to share since I am quite greedy with my natural soap) 2 loaves of Lemongrass (I love lemongrass because it's citrusy but also kind of clean- a rather universal scent that the males in the family can use- plus several of my SILs are huge fans so I gifted some to them too) 1 loaf Coconut (this one is light enough that men can use without smelling too girly-man-- to me it's pure beachy goodness of suntan oil) 1 loaf Key Lime (another scent that is unisex) and I took a chance on getting a full-size loaf of Autumn Apples (It was everything I had hoped for-- crisp, just bitten into apple scent- reminds me of apple pectin shampoo that the hair salon used to use when I was a kid.)

I also ordered samples with a focus on "clean" scents because Tee was looking for some natural soap options that weren't foodie.

Clean Cotton- This one makes me think laundry detergent in a good way-- smells like a nice clean laundry detergent, definitely not foodie.

Creme Brulee- yummy slightly vanilla and almond scent. Not overpowering so it's actually a good unisex scent.

Kiwi- Slightly citrusy but sweeter than say Key Lime in my opinion. OK but I'm happier with Key Lime or Grapefruit Margarita scents over this one.

Mango- Very sweet fruity one with maybe a slight hint of floral. A bit too sweet for my tastes.

Mango Papaya- Fruity with a little more tartness compared to Mango version. If you like fruity scents this one is a good choice. I like fruity but I guess I actually prefer citrusy, although this one would be a maybe whole loaf purchase.

Mountain Air- Definitely a more woodsy scent. It's clean and maybe slightly strong, more masculine scent.

Ocean Breeze- Similar to Clean Cotton with maybe a bit more floral slant.

Ocean Reef- This one is definitely masculine-- reminds me of colognes my dad used to wear in the 70's and 80s - more woodsy than "ocean"

Strawberry Shortcake- Definitely a sweet strawberry scent but my "part beagle" nose detects a slight chemically finish. My DD jokes about my good sense of smell so probably most wouldn't pick up  on this after-smell.

I got a freebie of Midnight Magic (my choice) but really glad I didn't pay for this one- really hate this scent-- I guess the "magic" for me would be to ever want to use it. LOL It's definitely woodsy with a baby powder finish but also this weird bitter middle note that really makes me say "ewww" I may use this on the pooches next time one of them finds cow manure as a punishment. I had also wanted to sample Ginger Lime, Pomegranate Pear, and Sunshine Magic but these weren't available in sample size.
Maybe next time... Ginger Lime sounds really good because I had an essential oil in ginger orange that I really enjoyed- the ginger gave it a spicy boost.