Soaps, soaps, and more soaps.

So I already blogged about my annual soap order from Natural Soap Wholesale and it lead to another order because I loved several of the sample scents too much to wait until next year- plus I figure I could add them to my Christmas gifts to SILs if they arrived in time. Fortunately they ship quite quickly so I was able to do just that.

I ordered 2 loaves of Biscotti (almond/orange/yummy yummy yummy scent) 1 loaf of Grapefruit Margarita (ordered one before so now I had some to share since I am quite greedy with my natural soap) 2 loaves of Lemongrass (I love lemongrass because it's citrusy but also kind of clean- a rather universal scent that the males in the family can use- plus several of my SILs are huge fans so I gifted some to them too) 1 loaf Coconut (this one is light enough that men can use without smelling too girly-man-- to me it's pure beachy goodness of suntan oil) 1 loaf Key Lime (another scent that is unisex) and I took a chance on getting a full-size loaf of Autumn Apples (It was everything I had hoped for-- crisp, just bitten into apple scent- reminds me of apple pectin shampoo that the hair salon used to use when I was a kid.)

I also ordered samples with a focus on "clean" scents because Tee was looking for some natural soap options that weren't foodie.

Clean Cotton- This one makes me think laundry detergent in a good way-- smells like a nice clean laundry detergent, definitely not foodie.

Creme Brulee- yummy slightly vanilla and almond scent. Not overpowering so it's actually a good unisex scent.

Kiwi- Slightly citrusy but sweeter than say Key Lime in my opinion. OK but I'm happier with Key Lime or Grapefruit Margarita scents over this one.

Mango- Very sweet fruity one with maybe a slight hint of floral. A bit too sweet for my tastes.

Mango Papaya- Fruity with a little more tartness compared to Mango version. If you like fruity scents this one is a good choice. I like fruity but I guess I actually prefer citrusy, although this one would be a maybe whole loaf purchase.

Mountain Air- Definitely a more woodsy scent. It's clean and maybe slightly strong, more masculine scent.

Ocean Breeze- Similar to Clean Cotton with maybe a bit more floral slant.

Ocean Reef- This one is definitely masculine-- reminds me of colognes my dad used to wear in the 70's and 80s - more woodsy than "ocean"

Strawberry Shortcake- Definitely a sweet strawberry scent but my "part beagle" nose detects a slight chemically finish. My DD jokes about my good sense of smell so probably most wouldn't pick up  on this after-smell.

I got a freebie of Midnight Magic (my choice) but really glad I didn't pay for this one- really hate this scent-- I guess the "magic" for me would be to ever want to use it. LOL It's definitely woodsy with a baby powder finish but also this weird bitter middle note that really makes me say "ewww" I may use this on the pooches next time one of them finds cow manure as a punishment. I had also wanted to sample Ginger Lime, Pomegranate Pear, and Sunshine Magic but these weren't available in sample size.
Maybe next time... Ginger Lime sounds really good because I had an essential oil in ginger orange that I really enjoyed- the ginger gave it a spicy boost.


  1. I heard that they reformulated to have the scent a bit stronger? I guess their customers were saying it wasn't strong enough? I loved the samples that I received from them. I don't think I've tried Clean Cotton. Most companies have so many "foodie" scents and all I want is a smell like you just stepped out of the shower/bath! I love laundry scents and like to whiff at dryer sheets.

    My husband really liked the Key Lime soap from them.

    Man, that package must be hella heavy with all those loaves, huh?

  2. The package was heavy- good thing I've been working out. LOL

    Best clean scent IMO is Philosophy Pure Grace. I keep a small bottle of the perfume in my purse because it does seem like just out of shower scent. I also make a point of wearing it when I know I'll be working out in public-- so I don't offend. LOL

    Sounds like Clean Cotton would be perfect for you-- it really does smell like laundry.