Awesome Fit Flop Alternative !!!

You may know that I have a slight addiction to Fit Flops- I have flat feet and they are the first flip flops that I found that had nice arch support. I wasn't fond of the Fit Flop price tag of $40 and up so I would wait for sales and still cringe at the thought of paying over $20 for a pair of FLIP FLOPS. So yesterday I was in WalMart and spied "Danskin" versions of Fit Flops for $12. Last summer I had purchased "Thera Shoe" version of Fit Flops and was slightly disappointed because the footbed of them were very textured- to the point where my poor piggies were a bit tender if I wore them too long. These Danskin versions have a very similar footbed to Fit Flops-- not hard and textured like Thera Shoe ones- so I picked up a pair in navy and a pair for DD in black (with black footbed.) The white footbed ones tend to get a bit grungy so I scrub routinely with nail brush and hand soap to keep from embarrassing myself in public if someone should see the footbed of my Fit Flops.
So yesterday evening I wore the Danskin version for several hours and I definitely approve. They had similar arch support as Fit Flops but at a much nicer price. They are obviously not leather uppers like Fit Flops but once again, they are flip flops so I can't really see spending the extra money for leather vs. synthetic.
I saw the "Walkstar" (original Fit Flop) version in a few colors- black/white, black/black, silver/white and navy/white. I also saw a black glittery version and a brown version that had a rounded piece around the toe area rather than the "v" of original Fit Flop. So anyone looking for a comfy but affordable version of Fit Flops, I strongly suggest checking out WalMart and the Danskin "Fitness Shoe."


  1. Augh!
    Must go to wallies! Thought about you Sat. I actually passed on a pair of walkstar II in red for $20! What's wrong with me?

  2. WHAT?? Yeah, I would have been all over the red Walkstar II at that price.

  3. I had a moment of weakness for a pair of silver kswiss & a cute pair of lucky wedges!
    Will take pics tomorrow & will prob go back to see if the red is still there on my way to wallies, lol!
    Thanks way much for the heads up!