PAN--- No-No!-- Blows-Blows!!!!!

So last time I blogged I was raving about Ready To Wear's mascara or rather Lash Extension product with mascara. Still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that! Let DD try it out (just Lash Extension w/ her other mascara) and got "can you get me some for my birthday?" I will be watching Ready To Wear on HSN for any bargains with this product!!

When I ordered the Ready To Wear kit, I also ordered the special value of the day from HSN... No-No! Hair remover. 60 days to try it out, free shipping and flex pay for long term hair removal- sounds awesome right?? The demonstrators were running this puppy all over with big smiles and words like "grows back finer and finer" coming out of their mouths.

About a week after my order it arrived. Whoo-hoo-- Hoozey is on her way to be this hair free goddess right? I read the directions and seems easy enough but starting to think "hmm?" because they recommend burning scented candles to mask the smell of burnt hair. NICE!! "Honey, what's that awful smell?" "Oh, just me & my No-No!"

So first I try it out on my arms with the smaller tip because in all honesty the stache & goatee are my least favorite "hair issues." At first the head kept popping up & down but I learned the correct way to "glide" it along my arm. On to the face! "OUCH!!!! WTF was that??? Is that little "slash" a burn??" Pull skin tighter-- "OK, maybe I'm getting the hang of this" as I roll No-No! along cheeks-- ah, the smell of burnt hair.  Back to trying on chin & stache -- "OUCH!!!" OK that's probably enough for today... time to buff and work on legs.

30 minutes later about a 3 inch by 12 inch swatch on right leg has been No-No!-ed-- I'll be hair free in no time......NOT!!! Buff, buff, buff... hmmm, seems like it missed some. Not even that area is "hair free." This may take some time to reach "hair free" status.

A few days later, I try again-- same results only now when trying to do my legs, the No-No! indicator keeps saying that the head is no working properly. Turn off, turn back on, & work on leg-- damn AGAIN??? As if when it is working properly isn't time consuming enough??? Face trial again-- OUCH!!! OUCH!!! OUCH!!!! Not even going to TRY this on my bikini area or armpits. WTF were these people thinking??? WTF was I thinking when I order this???

No-No! went back in the box and I gladly paid the $5.50 to ship that piece of $h*t back to HSN. Lesson learned-- facial hair removal will have to be the old plucking, waxing, whatever. And I would much rather spend the 5 minutes with my Venus razor to actually have smooth legs and pits!!!!

Here's a lovely photo of my face with all my No-No! burns...  & all the hair left behind too!

NICE Huh?? Isn't this a lovely look??

The kicker is that with all this pain & suffering (and time) No-No! does a horrible job actually removing hair- just doesn't seem to get all the hairs in it's path burnt so you are still left with stubble after it's use. And you are left with such a pleasant smell in the air/on your skin. Like I am just going to sit around my living room, watching TV & using my No-No! Only thing that would be nicer is eating bon-bons along with???

So after I made decision that No-No! Blows-Blows!! I am watching "Good Morning America" one morning and the woman is reviewing "as seen on TV" products. Low & behold she is doing No-No!-- after the review, I just count myself lucky that my burns were  as few-- her chin looked like crosshatching of little No-No! burns!! She ended her No-No! segment with "No-No! NO NO!!"


  1. Yikes! Just say No to No!No!

    I didn't know the thing takes off hair by burning it. That is scary. LOL'ing at how they suggest you to burn some candles to mask the burning smell of hair.

    For facial hair I just use this tool:

    Pain free and I'm stash free.

  2. Awww....that's too bad. An Epilator works somuch better. Been using my Emjoi now for around 5 years on my face and legs.

  3. Niiki-
    Only thing I'd hate about epilator is that hair has to be long enough to be pulled out by it. That could be pretty scary on me. he he he.

    Yep, nothing like the smell of burning hair to make you feel like a woman. It doesn't even do a good job so even after "buffing" you are still not smooth. I'm a big fan of Venus razors for my legs- gives a really smooth shave.

  4. o_0 It burns the hair off?


    I have hairy man-legs and it is a pain trying to keep it smooth - if I have time, I shave and use an epilator.

    And also, Hiiii!!! Lol, I haven't been around for a bit, nice to see you again! :)

  5. I was wonderinf if you had this experience with the original no no or if it is the new no no 8800 series, im thinking about buying one but the reviews are sooo mixed

    1. Pandafarian- I got the No-No after seeing it on HSN. I am pretty sure even the new one will be no better. Much of the problem is how the head descends to burn off the hair- it's just hard to get it to move just the right way to make perfect contact where it burns the hair & not your skin. Just thinking about it makes me feel all the tiny burns on my face that I experienced. Not to mention that it's not this "easy" process- I mean it burns the hair off- so you have that stench, then you have to buff & much of the hair is missed anyway. May be more effective to individually pluck each hair?

  6. You are right it does sound like a lot more trouble than it is worth, I just dont like to pluck the individual hairs method because its a never ending battle, the no-no says after a while it reduces the amount of hair and the rate it grows back which is obviously not the case and even if it does make it slow its less and grows back slower it sounds like its only because its burning and damaging the skin, not worth it, thanks for your blog and imput, ive seen countless it works perfect fake reviews so its great to see an honest one from a real person

  7. It may work for some but I found the burns enough for me to go back to other methods- especially since these were on my face & were impossible to hide-- after "healing" I got breakouts from the damage right after. I was also too impatient to use it on legs since a small area 2 x 3 inches would take like 20 minutes for me.

  8. Horrible burns on chin and bikini area! !!! Do not buy

  9. How long did it take for your burns to surface? I used my no no once and it kept changing settings to the highest one and didn't remove anything. I sent it back to HSN, but I am seeing the redness of burns now after about a week! Weird!

    1. Mine showed up almost immediately and they hurt. Your redness may be hair growing back or something else entirely. I was really displeased with it and they don't tell you that there is smell of burning hair as part of the removal until you get the unit.