Henna again & still loving it

So after about 3 weeks of enjoying my hennaed hair I was starting to notice grays showing up in my roots. So one morning last week I thawed out the leftover henna past while I mixed approximately 1 Tablespoon of indigo powder with warm water to make a yogurt consistency. I allowed the indigo to get dye release for about 15 minutes while the henna thawed in warm water. 
I then mixed about 3 tablespoons of henna paste with the indigo paste and then added approximately an equal amount of conditioner to this paste. I smooshed the hendigo paste into my roots and then covered the lengths with this mixture. Once I had covered my hair with the mixture I wrapped it all up with some plastic wrap and popped a cheap plastic shower cap on top. 
I then spent about 1/2 hour checking Facebook and such. Then I rinsed my hair with the help of cheap conditioner to help get the henna bits out of my hair. 

Once again I was impressed at the difference in my hair compared to chemical dyes. Instead of feeling spongy and fragile after coloring, my hair felt sleek and soft after henna/indigo glaze. 

 As you can see in the photos after the glaze- you can see a difference in my virgin hair (non-chemically colored hair) and the henna/indigo roots. Unlike chemical dyes, the process does not lighten the hair first- so the henna/indigo mixture adds depth to my hair, makes grays coppery but can't give the color to the already lightened hair that was chemically processed. I am actually looking forward to when my hair is longer because I actually prefer the virgin hair coloration than the stuff that was chemically processed. I like the darker richer color of my natural hair with henna. I am planning to add additional indigo to my next glazing session to maybe match my roots better. I don't mind the red tone of the chemically processed then hennaed hair but prefer the richer brown of my roots with the lovely coppery highlights rather than grays.
That's the really nice part about henna- it gives so many variations in color in your hair unlike any chemical dye can- because it adds color to what's already there rather than strip and then "recolor" like chemicals do.
See coppery color variations for grays/old highlights - that's the beauty of henna vs. chemical dyes- it lays color into the hair already there so you get much more natural results. Mono-chromatic hair is a sure sign of dying it. LOL

Instead of grays0 they are strawberry blond to copper strands- that's much better than grays.

The color looks very different depending on the light. Sometimes my hair looks redder. Sometimes it looks browner like in these pictures. But I think the color variations make it look very natural in all of them- whereas I would feel self-conscious of my just dyed- monochromatic hair with chemical dyes.  The shine and softness is impressive. I'm a henna head-- can't go back to chemical dyes. It's nice that I'm doing something good for my hair, making it thicker and stronger rather than damaging it every time I need to hide my grays. 


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