The "trouble" with henna and "It"

The "trouble" with henna isn't really a bad thing- my trouble with henna is that my hair is so much healthier and the results are so much nicer than traditional hair dye that I henna way more often than I used to do dye. I swear the henna is making my hair grow faster since I notice a good 1/4 inch of gray roots after 3 weeks when it would be around 4 weeks to get this kind of growth. So after only 3 weeks since my last henna application I did it again. What I love about henna is that the results is what I always wanted from hair dyes that would say "gives natural tone & highlights." This application I grabbed the frozen henna paste & thawed it out.  Then applied to the roots only after freshly washing my hair- the only time I wash my hair with shampoo is right before hennaing- otherwise I do cleansing conditioner. Wrapped my head in plastic wrap and then a cheap plastic shower cap. Topped with a copper fabric scarf and waited for 2 hours while doing normal housework. Unfortunately the painter that gets me a lot of home decoration sewing jobs stopped by while I was sporting this lovely look. LOL 

After 2 hours, I rinsed thoroughly using cheap Suave coconut conditioner to help get the henna paste out. I really like the coconut one because it seems thicker than some of the other scents which is very nice for this use. One of the things I LOVE about hennaed hair v. hair dye is that it really does give tonal coverage- just henna makes my "virgin" hair (the growth since I stopped doing hair dye) have a lovely red glow and makes the gray a lovely copper. Now that I have my previously dyed hair to a decent match to my virgin roots, I can see just doing henna and turning my grays into copper highlights rather than having to deal with monotone hair until the dye starts fading or following up with highlighting like I did with regular dyes. As soon as the paste is washed out my hair is the perfect color. Another plus to henna is that it's much more cost effective than commercial dyes. This is at least application #3 out of this 100g of henna- at $7 per $100 g and mixing with ACV it's inexpensive and best of all GOOD for my hair. 

Freshly hennaed hair in full sun. Redder in sunlight.

Redder tones in sunlight. 

Still outside but in shade. Still reddish.

In shade outside- notice tonal difference in grays/previously highlighted hair being red with darker brown hair. 

Inside near window. Chocolate brown. Notice the lovely elastic mark from the shower cap? Note to self do not just slap shower cap on- adjust elastic so it's not leaving indentation in forehead. DUH!

Inside- love that there's so much depth to my hair color & the shine. 

Inside- another look. 

Notice the coppery strands- this is the color my grays/formerly highlighted hair turns whereas the virgin hair stays deep brown. So looking forward to my hair growing out so that the color will be the dark brown/copper grays combination rather than the more red lighter hair of that already dyed with commercial dyes- which the lightening makes that hair take henna differently than my natural hair. 
It Cosmetics Hello Lashes
 Here's some mascara photos of IT cosmetics Hello Lashes. I mentioned it in my previous post about being a new one I've tried. It's a lovely lengthening mascara and I have been using it as my base mascara and then topping with Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Flared waterproof mascara. In the photo I am only wearing IT mascara because I wanted to show how it gives you lots of long lashes. The tube has an interesting aspect that the wand is wrapped with foamy material so you have a good grip while applying. The wand is rather long but very flexible. The plastic spines are not too long so you can really get next to the base of lashes and coat each one individually. On the end is the orb of coverage. This gives you the ability to do detail work with this mascara. even the very end is tipped with tiny spines. I use the orb to do the small lashes on inner corner and especially like to use it to really flare the outer corner lashes. It's like adding false lashes to your outer corner with this nifty little wand. I ordered a two pack of this mascara from QVC and it's a bit pricy but worthy. My daughter is in love with this mascara too so I will be getting more.

Wand for Hello Lashes

Close up of orb on end that gives great detail work ability.


  1. what colour type of henna did you use?

    1. I don't use a color per se-- henna is always red toned but sometimes I add some indigo to my henna paste to make it a little more chocolate brown. A two step process of doing henna and then JUST indigo gives black hair. I like this as my henna whereas for my daughter's hair we use the Raj red which has more lawsome content- thus more red.