Summer Love--

Sorry for the VERY LONG TIME since last posting. Life has a way of keeping me busy so I have little time to blog. Another issue is that my favorite computer to blog from is often times taken over by the hubby (or boys) for pole vault video viewing or online chess playing (the Mr.) Usual work hours I am doing my work- household chores and sewing projects- which always pick up in the spring and seems hours when hubby is home my computer is taken when I have a bit of time to blog. Plus May always is a month that flies by because of the end of track season (both boys made it to state & older one tied for 8th place) all the males in the family birthday within 10 days, and end of school stuff. Zooooooommmmm there goes May.

Anyway, I have been dying to post about my new summer "foundation" because it's worthy of sharing this little secret. I find that my skin looks better once the weather warms up-- with such dry skin, winter isn't pretty. The return of humidity is a welcome event to me and I find that I wear less makeup BUT that comes with two new issues #1 sun makes my melasma flare & here comes spotty forehead (plus try to protect face from sun damage-- at 45 I am winning the battle as far as wrinkles and not looking my age) or #2 wear sunscreen & hats to keep "Spot" at bay and my face doesn't even come close to matching the rest of me. Think I found a perfect solution. Mix mineral foundation & a bit of bronzer into sunscreen-- one step protection and amping up of color so I am ready for the day.

The sunscreen- Neutrogena Clear Face SPF 55-- ultra light, oil free, water resistant and liquid- but when mixed with MMU foundation-- mousse like texture foundation. Mixed this up about 2 weeks ago- it's even more "mousse-like" now.  Need to mix more bronzer in for next batch as I have been out in the sun quite a bit and have to use bronzer to make things match right now.

Minimal summer makeup look- sunscreen & MMU foundation mix- bit of blush, eyeshadow, lipgloss & mascara

Amazes me how skin-like/no makeup the mineral foundation mixed in Neutrogena Clear Face SPF  ends up looking 
Protected from sun & effortless even skin-tone.
Today- bare skin (emu oil moisturizer) and just got a bit of sun on body-- face doesn't really match. 

SPF/Foundation mix plus bronzer, mascara & lip gloss. 

Plus to this SPF/Foundation- not only quick but also wears like iron. Last Saturday spent all day out in sunshine at a track meet & still perfect after entire day of heat & humidity
Love how it feels like I am wearing nothing on skin. Makes it super easy to have a makeup-less look but better because get more even skin-tone & sun protection. I notice in the summer I like a less made up look-- this allows me to totally achieve this look. Today's look was SPF foundation mousse quickly applied, Bronzer (my own matte one called Beach) mascara and lip gloss. Only thing I would have changed-- EYEBROWS. You can really tell in today's FOTD shots how my left eyebrow is lower than my right-- (right grows upward & left grows down on top of being lower.) Usually I fill in my left above the brow itself to make it match the right one more but I was in a hurry to get to blogging today. I  am definitely taking this idea to the beach with me. Usually I go bare-faced (with SPF) but I can see just using this "foundation" instead.


  1. Your skin looks amazing with this concoction. Would like to know the proportions you used.

    1. Marcey- As this was my first try- I just mixed until I got consistency & coverage I wanted. More sunblock gives more of a tinted moisturizer. More MMU gives this mousse/more coverage & color. The sunblock you use is going to make a difference too- this one is not greasy and very light feeling- even though high SPF.

  2. This is an amazing tip. My current foundation is actually way too light, but I realize that I don't really have any bronzer. I may need to place an order. And I am toying with trying to order a custom contouring color, as most stuff I've used is too red for my tastes! (You are the biggest enabler ever :D)