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Seriously has been SO LONG since I posted and even longer since I did a makeup related blog. Last time I did real makeup blog I was wearing almost all my own mineral makeup and since the end of summer 2015 I have been wearing IT Cosmetics CC cream. I was finding that my mineral foundation even with emu oil and other moisturizers just wasn't cutting it. So I saw demonstration on QVC one day and thought maybe I should give it a try... especially liking the 50 SPF as I get melasma from sun exposure on my face. I went to our local Ulta and bought medium color in their illumination CC cream (and a CC illumination bronzer that was limited edition too.) I tried it out and really liked the feel of it for a non-mineral foundation but surprisingly too "glowy" for my tastes. I kept it and went back and bought just the regular CC cream in  medium. In today's photos, I am wearing only the regular medium with a tiny bit of the bronzer for a bit of additional color. I find that the regular CC cream is pretty glowy on it's own but most days I do add a touch of the illuminating version (50% or less.) Why I am pretty happy with this new foundation...

  • My skin is SO DRY so anything that feels a little creamier is a good thing. 
  • LOVE the SPF factor. My spring weekends are lots of hours logged outside for track meets (or doing pole vault video taping for hubby.) Really nice to have such a light feeling foundation have so much SPF. 
  • Colors tend to be on the yellower side which suits me just fine as I typically find makeup too "pink" in most brands. Shade is pretty forgiving so doesn't looks mask-like at all. 
  • While it is said to be a full coverage foundation, I would disagree with that. It's more like a  medium coverage foundation (at least with the amount I use.) If you wanted full coverage I think it would take multiple layers with letting it set in between to achieve full coverage. I don't really like looking made up so I like this not so full coverage that blurs most of the imperfections just fine for my tastes.
  • A little goes a long way. I still have at least a half full tube of the regular medium color that I bought in August and because it has SPF I tend to wear makeup more often than normal AND "while I was away" I was working part-time in a law office 5 days a week- so wearing makeup every day I worked. (In February we changed things so I only fill-in for the normal secretary when she is sick or needs time off.) Two partial pumps is plenty for a full application for me. 
  • It's easy to apply. I put a pump or two on the back of my left hand and dip my finger in. No fancy applicator needed. You can use a foundation brush or sponge but I find that more wasteful than applying with my fingers (which I wash right before makeup application.) 
  • I don't break out from this foundation and it has a pleasant smell. Slightly lavender smell that is very tolerable for my picky nose. I really don't like makeup that smells like talc or chemically. 
  • It's supposed to have skincare effects so that's a bonus. 

Another change from my old makeup is almost always using a Tarte gel blush rather than my own powder blushes. With my dry skin, the gel blush just looks really pretty and glow from within. I knew I was onto something when on a family trip (hotel lighting makeup application) by daughter said "Oh, I really like your blush." Unfortunately the color (Ambition) was only available in mini-size kit so I have bought a similar full-sized one in a color called Exposed that I use most days and then save the Ambition for special occasions. I have used Tarte gel blushes for over a decade but these recent purchases are much better. Old versions would have unique scent added to them, so "Cloud 9" was a grape smell, others may be a berry smell, etc. so you kind of had to put up with the scent if you liked a color. Now they all seem to be rose scented- real rose scented, not cheap "off" smell. Also seems like they are less tacky feeling than older version- older version took quite a while to "set up" after application. At 48 years old, these gel blushes help keep me looking much younger than my years.

Third big change in my daily makeup routine is Anastasia brow gel. I started using IT brow gel (and still use the IT brush that came with) but found IT colors to be too red-brown, even the universal Taupe was reddish brown in my opinion. I gave these to my daughter who dyes her hair red (at this point basically considers herself a redhead.) I find that Anastasia's colors are more realistic brow color on me. The brow gel I purchased around the same time as the IT foundation and I literally have barely scratched the surface. Really an awesome product. If you remember, I am kind of an all or nothing kind of gal when it comes to makeup. IF I am going to wear foundation then it means I WILL wear blush, brows, mascara and lip balm at minimum. I hate to see someone wear foundation and not have blush, and I hate to see "no brows" and hate to see no lashes.

Last big change in my daily makeup is Mally volume mascara. Previously my go to mascara was Maybelline Full N Soft waterproof but I was starting to find my lashes getting brittle (and definitely a bit hard to remove mascara) so when I saw a 6 pack for $60 on QVC I tried it out. It is not waterproof but it does give volume and length with very few coats and seems to condition my lashes. I have pretty good lashes so mostly need volume and darkening. This one works well for that. Of course now I am touching my lashes and they feel soft and supple-- not "crispy" like most mascaras feel after a few hours. My lashes seem to be longer than before I used it (maybe because they aren't getting pulled out while trying to remove mascara?) Not looking too shabby for 48 years old with these products to help =)
IT CC cream Medium
Tarte gel blush Exposed
Anastasia Brow Gel Medium Brown

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