FOTD as I get lighter

Ah, winter is coming and I have had to change foundation color. I started using Dayna for this look. It was a tad light so I warmed it up with a light dusting of Beach using a very large, fluffy brush. I also notice that my winter skin starts looking dull. I tend to have dry skin but in the summer it's not so bad because it's usually pretty humid- even when we are in drought conditions, we still have humidity- so my skin is nearly normal in summer. As fall settles in, the humidity drops and I find my skin craving moisture- it's back to lots of emu oil but it still tends to look a bit dull. You may notice more fine lines than summer shots because of the lack of moisture in skin-- note to self-- drink more fluids. So I grabbed one of my glows- Peachy Sheen- to perk it up.
I used Earthy Girl for my brow fill since it's a little redder than my usual Just Browsing Brown because I went with a slightly redder, darker hair color. (I also got my hair cut a couple of weeks ago- more on that in  a bit although pulled back in a very short ponytail here.) I applied Apricot Dreamzzz all over my lid and then Sterling Violet to the middle of the lid blending up into crease. I used e.l.f. Gunmetal liner (for Tee) and then did outer corner with a little Purple Haze. (I tend to shy away from grays but both Sterling Violet and Purple Haze are every so slightly purple which seems to work better for me.) Max Factor 2000 Calorie Extreme Mascara finished off the look. BTW- DH says "Did you do something different with your eye makeup?" Can you believe he notices such a thing? I start explaining what was different and he blurts "I like it." I think he wanted to let me know he liked the new look (grayer colors) but didn't want to actually HEAR about it. LOL

On my lips I used Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain (see previous post) and topped with NYC Lippin' Large gloss in Mulberry (I think of Tee on this one because it's a sheer red gloss- a little red but not too much color for us faint of heart lip color girls.)

So a couple of weeks ago I got my hair cut-- it was getting long and I was always wearing it up in a ponytail. I took some photos of hairstyles I liked and stylist picked one of Ellen Barkin as the one she liked most. It looked really cute when she did it- I looked like a rock star- LOL- but I'm not really loving it now. I really like the back but she really made the angling towards face quite dramatic- so the back (nape of the neck) is about 1.5 inches shorter than the front. I kind of wanted this to be more subtle because in all honesty I'm really lazy about doing my hair. I love edgy cuts-- my hair looks HORRIBLE if it is blunt cut- but this pronounced difference in length back to front doesn't look great with Ms. Wash N Wear Hair. Next time I go in for a cut, I will have length taken off only the very long  front parts-- so it is slightly angled, long layers, and edgy- yet works with my lazy, lack of ever trying hairstyling. Note to self- make sure to reapply SOME kind of lip product before taking photos!!


  1. <3 your new pic format... so clear and lovely... and making me lem more of ur e/s... *groans*