Long overdue Avon Skin care Review

In early summer I purchased some skin care from Avon- mostly to combat "Spot"-- my melasma issue when I get any sun exposure.

I was most excited to try ANEW CLINICAL LUMINOSITY PRO Brightening serum after reading all the positive reviews-- 1 oz. is pricy and I am so disappointed with this product. Not only did it do nothing to lighten melasma issues but it made me breakout on top of being useless.  Seriously the worst money I've spent on skin care in my life. Still have half of it and just can't see myself using it- what a waste. 

I also got SOLUTIONS PLUS TOTAL RADIANCE- Brightening Concentrate- This one is way cheaper than the above mentioned and did not make me break out. I believe it was bogo at the time.  I don't really know if it "brightened" my skin but I did use up a whole bottle of it- 1.0 oz-- and I am ready to start using the next. This is an orange gel with sparkles in it. What I liked about it was the cooling sensation upon application and it did seem to tighten my pores. I may repurchase this one.

BANISHING CREAM- Skin Discoloration Improver- I haven't used this one often because like the Luminosity Pro I will breakout with this one, but not to the same extent. So I can't really testify to it's skin coloration results--- this one was far cheaper than Luminosity- BOGO. So I'm not kicking myself for trying it. 

ANEW CLINICAL ADVANCED RETEXTURIZING PEEL- This was a BOGO and I do think this is a worthy, if pricy, item. Each jar contains 30 pads saturated with the peel. I actually wring it out a bit before using because they are quite saturated. The one side of the pad is textured and helps exfoliate the skin. After I've applied to face, I also apply to back of hands. After using my skin is tighter and pores are smaller. I did feel a tingling sensation, so someone with very sensitive skin may have an issue with this, but it wasn't too bad. I would repurchase at BOGO pricing. 

SOLUTIONS BODY LIQUID BRA- Toning Gel- this is a lotion that one applies in upward motion to breasts. With larger breast and losing weight- my girls were hanging a little more than I liked. I got this BOGO- and surprisingly I do notice a toning of the skin when I remember to use it. The girls seem a little perkier these days. I would repurchase. 

SOLUTIONS BODY STRETCH MARK 24- Line Reducing Treatment- I've been using this on stretch marks on thighs and belly since I lost some weight and yet see little difference. I would pass on buying this one again. Maybe my stretch marks are just too pronounced but like I said, I do not see a difference since using this over a normal lotion. 

SOLUTIONS DRAMATIC FIRMING CREAM- This one was on sale and I'm glad I purchased it. I don't use it every night but when I do, I notice a firming of the skin. This does not make me breakout and I would repurchase this one. 

I also bought several of the body lotions- Some of the scented ones- all fruity.  These are not as fragranced as Bath and Body Works lotions which is actually a good thing to me. I find B & B W lotions too overpowering to use alone. The Avon ones were lighter scented and more foodie than flowery which is my preference. Not as moisturizing as what I like for winter time but definitely a nice light lotion for summer. I also got two of the Skin So Soft shimmering lotions- one is silvery mica flecks and one is golden. In the summer, I think legs and arms look much better with shimmery lotion-- makes skin look super hydrated. Shimmery lotion is difficult to find, off hand I can only think of Jergens as making one, but I hate the smell of that brand- so I definitely recommend SSS shimmering lotions. 


  1. Next post will be about Tarte Lipstains, Revlon Just Bitten Lipstains, and Covergirl Lipstain. Maybe tomorrow of the next day.


    Okay, I thought I totally reading that wrong but it is actually for the breastasis.

    I've always been curious about Avon's skincare line but never tried. Well, actually I did have a sample that an Avon rep left at a local donut store (yes, totally unhealthy, LOL) but the smell of the lotion was really bad that I trashed it. I don't even recall what the name of it was.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. I like the Total Radiance gel smell- kind of citrusy but "Dramatic Firming" one smells kind of "old lady cream." : / I don't like the smell of Jergens lotion as I said so I won't buy their shimmery lotion. I'm the freak who is always sniffing lotions & shampoos at the stores. LOL