So here are three looks from last week.

All are using Dayna's Minerals unless otherwise noted. Foundation in Tanya applied damp using MMBB Grape Spray & buffer brush. Sweetheart blush. Earthy Girl as brow fill since I dyed my hair and it's more reddish than during the summer.

Oct. 19
Eyes- Buttered Up all over lid. Copious Copper applied to middle area below crease. Darkest Chestnut Brown over e.l.f. sealant. Maybelline Full N Soft mascara.
Lips- Revlon Just Bitten in Forbidden topped with NYC Carnegie Melon

Oct. 21-

Illumination Glow to highlight cheeks.

Eyes- Everything's Rosy inner 1/2 below crease, Empress' New Clothes (ENC) middle below crease, Poy-ple lash lines. MMBB Prune Pencil to do waterline & top lashes. Summer Highlight in inner corner and brow highlights. Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara

Lips- Revlon Just Bitten in Forbidden topped with clear gloss

Oct. 22

Going for smoky look I saw in latest Victoria's Secret Catalog.

Eyes- Cocoa Nut applied first at middle of lid and then blended inward and outward. Next Summer Highlight was applied to inner corner and brow highlight. Miss Gigi applied middle to outer lower lash line. Espresso Yourself applied with liner brush along upper and lower  outer half of lashes. Then loaded a soft shadow brush with Espresso Yourself and applied to outer part of eye and blended concentrating deepest color along lash line. In The Flesh applied to inner corner for added shine. Max Factor 2000 Calories Extreme .

Lips- e.l.f. mineral gloss in Trendsetter.


  1. Pretty Hoozey! Hey, I tried the ELF sealant technique today where you line the sealant first and then apply the e/s after on top and it gives a softer look to the liner. I like this technique for when I want a softer look to my liner but I'll probably mix it up with the sealant/eye shadow first if I want the line to be more pronounced. I also did this technique on the lower lash line and it works great. I'll probably use your technique when lining the bottom. I'll see if it gives me raccoon eyes by the end of today.

  2. I love the larger photos on here - so much easier to disect your looks . Sorry, but sometimes I'm pretty blind when trying to figure out shadows.

  3. Hey LT- Yeah, the seal with minerals over is a softer look but I love it because I suck at making precise lines. LOL My lashes get in the way =don't be hatin' =P I sometimes do the bottom too. Hopefully I haven't lead you astray and you are sporting raccoon eyes because of me.

  4. Hi Marcey-
    I found vox was easier to load multiple photos of looks but here it takes more arranging so I've kind of gotten into doing one face & one close-up eye. Glad that it's actually turned out to be a benefit- I'll keep doing it in that case.

  5. I agree with Marcey... the larger photos create a bigger lemming for your e/s. Is that a good or bad thing??