e.l.f. and Avon brushes

Many moons ago I purchased from e.l.f. website-- yeah, I am FINALLY getting around to finally reviewing a few items.

I bought many nail polishes since the site offers more variety of color than the few stores I've been able to find carrying e.l.f. They are decent enough polishes for the $1 price tag and some of the colors were surprisingly interesting & hip. I'm not going to review these since I'm not really a nail polish guru. I pretty much only wear it on my toes because I have "triangular nailbeds" so the ends of my nails flare out- which makes my hands/nails look like a male cross dresser. LOL

I also bought several of their liners- little bottles with "felt tip"-- the range of colors is minimal but they are a decent enough product for black, brown, navy lining- especially at $1 each.

The products I am going to review are a few eye brushes from e.l.f. and two I bought with my Avon purchases.

First the eye brushes. I bought the e.l.f. small angled brush and the small smudge brush (two on the right side of photo) . The small angled brush is quite small which would make it the perfect angled liner brush were it not for how wide the brush is- making a very thin line impossible using this brush. I have only found one slanted liner brush that I felt captured this thinness factor I've always looked for in a liner brush- Ms. Makeup-but I haven't been able to find it in many years, making me think that they have discontinued making makeup brushes.  = ( This e.l.f. small angled brush is very soft and if you are looking for an inexpensive brush to do thicker lining using dry minerals or some detail shadow application, this would work out wonderfully.
The other brush is the small smudge brush. It's approximately half the size of the angled brush and has a tapered and domed head. The bristles are shorter making this a stiffer brush and I find this brush a very worthy purchase. It's thinner than the angled brush so you can get a thinner, more precise line. I have used this brush with dry minerals and indelible liners and it works wonderfully with both products. Next e.l.f. order will include more of this brush.

The two brushes on the left side are Avon brushes, purchased on sale. The Avon brushes both have very unique handles- the bottoms are large ovals with shaping of the handle to give one a very nice "grip." I prefer how the handles are shorter too. The rounded shadow brush and eye liner brush. The liner brush is a little nicer than the e.l.f. brush because it has shorter bristles and a more tapered head. It gives a more precise line and is a worthy purchase.

The rounded shadow brush intrigued me with it's small, domed head. I love this brush for doing smoky eyes- using it for the darkest colors because the small head allows more precision in application and is good for smudging. Really like this brush too.

Next post will be about e.l.f. priming products. I had done this post with the above brushes but somehow it didn't publish so I'll have to do it again.


  1. Well, it's about time for this review. I've been waiting and waiting! LOL j/k

    Thanks for the review. Looks like Avon is the winner in terms of brushes here.

  2. I'm such a slacker. e.l.f. liner would be a good choice for brow powder application for the timid because it's nice and soft. I also use it to pat minerals over e.l.f. sealant as liner. Just not the best to DRAW a line with. The smudge one is actually worthy for both indelible liners and mineral liners. I do like the Avon brushes because of the shorter handles- don't hit mirror when I'm doing detailed work. LOL