e.l.f. review.

Last week I received my latest order from e.l.f. I ordered:

Mineral lip gloss in Trendsetter- It has little smell which is a plus because e.l.f. lip products can tend to be a bit mediciney or super fruity smelling. Feel is OK- rather sheer feeling and sparkle isn't gritty. I really like Trendsetter as a color-- rather nude with slight brown slant. Not bad for $3

I got another of the Prime & Seal eye product for the seal part. $3-- I will continue to buy this product even though I only use the sealant because I like the ease of application and it does hold mineral liners in place pretty well.

I ordered Lip Lock Pencil-- this is a clear product you are supposed to apply outside your lip line to prevent lip product from bleeding. It's rather waxy feeling and I should have looked into this more. I thought it would be more like a primer for lip color to have more staying power. $3

The mineral version of smudge brush. The handle is bamboo and bristles are ivory rather than black plastic/black for other version. Makes a very good liner brush. $3

Mineral Infused Face Primer- $6- I am pleasantly surprised about this product. I have tried several brands of face primers. Smashbox ($36 for 1 oz/ $49 for 2 oz), Serious Skin Care ($22.50 for 1 oz), Philosophy (The Present- $25 for 2 oz) and Laura Geller ($25 for 2 oz) Similar to Smashbox clear primer in consistency and feel at a much smaller price- $6 for almost 1/2 oz. I hated Philosophy primer because it was intensely fragranced with Lavender-- not my favorite smell- the e.l.f. primer has no smell. Laura Geller Spackle was OK. My favorite primer up to this point was Serious Skin Care A-primer (Pictured with e.l.f. clear product at left) but I actually prefer the e.l.f. one because it doesn't contain the sparkles like A-primer. This primer goes on velvety feeling and then dries down to skin-like feel whereas A-primer still feels "slick" long after. The finish is more matte (top right photo) compared to A-primer sparkles (bottom right photo.)  I do feel like pores are diminished and it gives a nice empty canvas for foundation.

Lastly I ordered 6 of the Cream Eyeliners in (pictured left to right in swatches)  Midnight, Copper, Metallic Olive, Plum Purple, Gun Metal, and Ivory. Each $3.

Each came with a small brush for application but I do not like this brush as much as say the above mentioned smudge brush because the small brush included is quite wide and doesn't give as precise application. They are definitely waterproof/smudge proof-- I ran under water after applying makeup and then even rubbed a little-- this is results after such treatment.

Even after trying to clean off my hand with a baby wipe and soap, there were still areas where the product did not remove.

Midnight is a blue based black--it didn't apply very evenly-- kind of sheers out. I actually don't wear much black liner so I gave this to my daughter -- the bluish tint will work great with her reddish brown eyes.

Copper is a reddish brown base color with copper flecks. I like the slight shimmer it has. This is definitely a keeper for me since reddish colors emphasize the green in my eyes.

Metallic Olive is more brown than green. Really not much shimmer/metallic look once applied. It ends up being rather neutral.

Plum Purple is another color I really like because the purple is red based vs. blue based, once again bringing out the green in my eyes. This color would be even nicer with a little shimmer like Copper.

Gun Metal is a dark gray with silver shimmer. This is actually quite an interesting color for those that prefer cooler liner colors. I may end up  giving this one to my daughter also since it would accent her eyes.

Ivory is a bit sheerer than the other above colors so it almost applies as pure shimmer than "color". I will definitely be using this one on my lower waterline since it will brighten & open my eyes.

All are very worthy at $3!! This is definitely a product I will repurchase.


  1. Great review Hoozey! I use the white gel liner on my lower lashes and then use any e/s and apply on top and it stays on my lower lashes all day without giving me raccoon eyes. I've also tried using it as an e/s base on lids and it works pretty well.

    I'm liking how the gunmetal liner looks.I'm the opposite of you though in terms of the purple liner. I wished it was more blue based.

    I thought the primer was going to come out white but it's clear. I guess it's just the packaging (white). Kinda has that anti chafing gel look to it.

  2. I actually thought of you when I saw Gunmetal. Yep, brown eyes often look better with blue based colors so I can see why you'd want more blue purple.

    I love your use of the white liner... I'll have to try that. I am impressed at their staying power for $3. I also like the small jar size-- I hate how big the HIP ones are.

    I wish the packaging was clear-- how will I know when I am running low??? Guess I'll just have to order a backup. LOL

  3. Great swatches!!! okay I guess I am a follower lol!!!

  4. Whoot, I got Whitney to follow= he he he