Catching up on FOTD & mini reviews on a few products.

I admit that I have been VERY bad about getting FOTD photos lately and part of it is due to the fact that I haven't done a blog on the ones I have already taken photos of. So I'm going to catch up on FOTD so that maybe I'll be more inclined to take photos going forward.

All looks using Dayna's Minerals unless otherwise noted. Tanya  Foundation damp with MMBB buffer brush and Grape spray. Beach Bronzer applied with large fluffy brush in 3/E motion-- forehead/cheeks/jaw
Just Browsing Brown for brow fill. 

In many of the looks I use e.l.f. seal end of Prime & Seal eye product. This product is $3 and I love the seal end. I use it by drawing a clear line of the product along the lash line and then topping with my favorite minerals using a clean, dry brush. As far as the Prime end-- it's concealer colored and does not help at all as a primer. I actually find that my eye shadows crease more using this than without it. I could see it being used as concealer but I rarely use concealer in my eye area-- I don't seem to suffer from dark circles. (Don't be hating!!)  I'd pay $3 just for the seal part so it is a worthy purchase even though the prime end is essentially worthless to me. 

Aug. 24-- (TOLD YOU I WAS BAD!! That is the latest date that I've taken photos/marked down in my makeup diary)
Blush: Pretty In Peach
Eyes: Apricot Dreamzzz all over lid. Cocoa Mauve in crease/outer V. Sappharine topping e.l.f. seal line (Prime & Seal see orange text for review) Summer Highlight for brow and inner corner highlight. Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara
Lips: elf plumping in Mauve Berry.

Aug. 19-
Blush: Pretty In Peach
Eyes: Everything's Rosy all over lid below crease. Cocoa Mauve in crease/outer V. In The Navy topping e.l.f. seal. Summer Highlight for brow and inner corner highlight. Maybelline Full N Soft mascara.

Lips: Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in Twilight. I'm not into "Twilight" craze at all but did decide to try out Revlon lipstain with balm on other end. I opted for Twilight color and I absolutely LOVE this lip product. Twilight is a berry my lips but better color on me. It makes my teeth look very white. This wears very well without feeling the least bit heavy. I kind of use it as a liner and then smudge into the lips. I top with any gloss or balm because it doesn't come off like most stay put lip products. I plan to do a full review of this product soon!! Topped with Avon Honey Delight- (Plump Pout)

Aug. 11
Blush: Sweetheart
Eyes- Rose Gold all over lid below crease. Miss Gigi in crease/outer V. Summer Highlight as brow & inner eye highlight. Tealy over elf seal. Max Factor 2000 Calories Extreme Mascara

Lips- elf plumping in Mauve Berry

Aug 10
Blush Sweetheart
Eyes- Everything's Rosy all over lid below crease. LE in crease. Brazilian Brown as liner. Maybelline Espresso liner pencil in waterline.
Maybelline THE FALSIES mascara-- I had heard great things about this mascara but I was very disappointed in it. I expected volume and didn't see nearly as much as my favorite mascaras like Maybelline Full N Soft or Max Factor 2000 Calories Extreme. =( Length but little volume plus immediately straightens my lashes even after curling. 

Lips- Avon Perfect Wear in Eternal Rose.


  1. okay, i think it worked. lol

    what i wanted to comment on the other day but my post didn't go through (or maybe you have me blocked? lol) is that i have dark circles under my eyes (and am totally hatin' on you!) but i've come to the realization that nothing really works and that I should just let it go naturally. i put concealer under the eyes and it's just too obvious. you're right, the eye primer side is awful. it creased on me immediately. the liner sealer side is really nice though! i haven't tried your technique of lining first then putting e/s on but i need to do that and see how that works.

    I bought the Revlon bitten lip stain and it looked awful on me! it was just too bright and applied so patchy. i returned it. :-/ it looks great on you though!

  2. I think that dark circles look better than the "negative raccoon" although apricot concealers work best for dark circles. My SIL raves about my Apricot Dreamzzz covering a scar that she has. I find it definitely brightens the eye area on me- I often use it as a base color when I am doing Angelina Jolie eye looks.

    I love the Just Bitten lip stain. What I do is apply to outer edges -kind of like liner and then smear into middle of lips. That way the color isn't so intense- I also opted for the lightest ones.

  3. heya.. love the sappharine e/s... do I feel a lemming coming on? LOL!

    glad to see your FOTDs back again tho'... love seeing your various looks!