Sterling Silver Finds

For my daughter's birthday I ordered her several rings from She loves jewelry but isn't into expensive stuff yet because she fears she may lose/misplace it. So these rings were $30 or less. 
First is a moonstone handmade ring. This one is gorgeous. It runs a little small- I wear a size 6 on my ring finger and ordered a 7 in this ring but it just barely fits on my ring finger. I've worn it and gotten compliments on it. There's something magical in moonstone and how it captures light in the stone. The setting is very pretty and the ring is pretty comfortable to wear even though it's quite sizable due to the tapering in the back.

Next is a gorgeous smoky quartz ring. This one runs true to size. I love the smoky quartz stone-- there's something nice about the earthy tones in this gem. I really like the setting and how arty it is. My daughter loves both of these rings and wears them often. Little aside on the picture taking in the 2nd photo of smoky quartz ring. I couldn't get it to stay up nicely like the side view of the moonstone ring so I place a little Buddha statue DH brought home from China under the blue throw to anchor ring on. 

Last is a sterling silver bracelet I picked up at TJ Maxx. Every time I stop in that store, I check out the jewelry. My MIL love bracelets so I always see if I can find something for a future gift for her. This year I'd found a few bracelets and forgot about them-- so this one ended up being very close to another one- so I guess I'll just have to keep it myself. LOL I've already ordered more jewelry from Overstock for Christmas gifts. I'll be sharing them soon. 


  1. very pretty! Moonstone is one of the June birthstones so I am very partial to it! I have never thought to look for jewelry on I will. Also, check out You can get some really cute little pieces wih genuine gemstones for just pay postage for $6.99.

  2. Laurie- I just think moonstone is so cool- now that I know it's your birthstone it makes it even cooler. I first bought jewelry at Overstock for MIL & my mom Xmas presents. They have some neat jewelry- not what you'll see everywhere.