My Holy Grail- April 24, 2007 Vox post

I wore Bare Escentuals mineral makeup for over 4 years but then around Christmas I started getting very itchy. I then noticed that my eye lids got very red and even a little scaly. I had heard about the dreaded B.E. itch from the Bismuth Oxychloride and I guess with age and my skin getting drier, it got me. Of course I couldn't go back to the "goop" so I used a flesh toned eye shadow without Bis. O for my eyes and started searching for my new Holy Grail, enduring the itch until new MMU arrived.
First stop, Monave since I'd seen that brand at littlestuff4u (who's own foundation I had tried but found too dry for my skin.) I ordered both light-medium and medium-dark sample sets from Monave. Should have read the information a little better- when they say they cover the whole spectrum of colors, they really mean it, so the darker set was a total bust for me. I looked at the colors and thought "Oh, there's BE light" and started applying the Monave that looked the most similar. Doh!! Another mistake, I looked jaundiced because it was very intense yellow. My match ended up being one of the lightest colors, one that I had deemed "way too light" for me. The coverage was amazing- we are talking a tiny pea size was all that's needed for a layer, but even this light, I found the Monave accentuating fine lines around my eyes. It also felt a bit dry, even with moisturizer.
Not to fear, I'd already started my sampling spree- actually tried Signature Minerals before Monave, but ordered Monave first. Signature was similar to Monave but not quite as intense coverage. It also showed my fine lines and just wasn't HG material for me.
I soon received my samples from Lumiere. By this time, I'd figured out this sampling stuff... I didn't want to wait for multiple shipments so I ordered Light, light-medium and Medium golden in both foundation bases. At this time, early January they only had two kinds of  foundation. I didn't stop there because Lumiere's prices were so affordable. I was used to BE's prices so I was already buying up e/s (10 full sizes for about the same price as drugstore brands- who can beat that?) I learned to swatch the colors on my arm before going to my face and found light-medium golden disappeared into my skin. I tried the flawless foundation since that was geared towards dry skin. OMG, not only did it cover my flaws, mostly hyperpigmentation on my forehead, but my pores seemed to disappear. What is in this magic stuff? I mean, BE was lovely on me but this stuff opened a whole knew meaning to the words Holy Grail. This wasn't foundation this was complexion perfection in a jar. I immedately ordered that night two full-sized foundations for less than one BE, one in light-medium golden and then the medium golden for summer. Jump ahead about a month when I started posting my mug at Makeup Talk in the before/after thread, and I started retesting the other samples for it. I noticed two things- #1 all these other brands went on better after I'd been wearing just Lumiere FF for so long, and #2 I couldn't wait to put my Lumiere FF back on the next day.
A few things learned in my rush to find a HG--- order the color you know works, but maybe not the "summer color." Once I started getting a little sun, I thought I'd pull out the Medium Golden and was a little perplexed at the color. It was certainly darker but was quite olivey at this level of color. I had mentioned at Makeup Talk that this color wasn't going to work and someone asked if they could buy it from me. I sent it to her for free because it was my silly mistake and I still felt like Lumiere was a bargain even at double the price. I learned another valuable lesson, sometimes no big deal to you is a big deal in someone else's life. This lady that I sent the foundation that was unusable for me ended up being someone who went through Katrina. I think I was the winner in this deal once I found out how I had made a bad day for her turn a little better. Makes me realize that even a small bit of goodwill can be quite an impact.
Now, don't think just because I found my HG that I quit sampling other companies. Since finding Lumiere, I have tried LaurEss (elemental and original formulas--- even bought full sizes of the orginal because they were on sale) I'd have to say that this brand is my #2 favorite. The elemental feels like nothing on your skin, my only issue is that I need more coverage. The original is a little heavier feeling but not too bad and certainly for half price, I am glad I bought them.
I also tried Milan since they were expanding their foundations into yellow tones. I found my match Kiana, but it was a little dry feeling on my face. Another MMU that requires barely any product to get coverage and stays put. Then Meow was getting a lot of buzz and I ordered samples from them. I found a good match without mixing but there's something about Lumiere that doesn't make me feel the least bit dry. So at least when I am sampling these other's it reinforces how great Lumiere is for my dry skin.
Now if we are talking other HG's, say "Illuminizers" that's a whole post on it's own.  

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