Gonna Make My Brown Eyes Green- April 2007 Vox post

When I was a little kid, my uncle that I share my birthday with always teased me about my brown eyes. He'd say "You know that means you're full of poo up to here." and point right above my brows. As I got older my eyes changed, now they are mostly green and when I told someone about my uncles' comment she told me "Well, now you're just a pint short." LOL. I always love shadows that make that green stand out and I find purple with a bit of brown undertone do just that. 
Here's an example of what I mean. All over the lid I am wearing Lumiere Chameleon (a lighter purple sparkle that has all kinds of flashing colors, thus the name.) In the contour I am wearing BE Passionate Plum. It's a medium dark matte shadow. I dry lined with BE Sugar Plum liner. A reddish plum that I just love, love, love. One of my favorite liners. Last but not least on the brow I have Monave semi-matte white. This color is a staple in my makeup regiment. I use it almost daily to give my brow a lift... if only it could work on other parts of the body. HEE. HEE. 100_3366
On the face shot I am weaing my own foundation I made, Milan Minerals' Pretty in Pink (often referred to PIP) Lips Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Plum Wicked with LaurEss Minerals Treasure lippie. (Love this line of lippies- slight chocolate smell and sheer light feel. She sent it to me as a freebie and I couldn't have picked a better color!) 100_3362 100_3357