Naturalizer Haul

I ordered Naturalizer Boots & Shoes from Online Shoes last week. They arrived Tuesday (due to Labor Day- longer wait) and I am so pleased with both.

The boots are to replace my cheap "No Boundaries" ones I bought years ago. I loved these boots because the chunky heel/platform allowed me to wear regular length jeans without the bottoms dragging on the ground. I don't like petite jeans because the rise is usually smaller- & Hoozey's got "back" & thighs. LOL Alas last year, I developed a crack in the one sole-- so thus my quest for a new pair of boots.

One of my daughter's favorite pairs of heels are by Naturalizer so I decided to look there first. I liked the look of the "Giddy" boot for a couple of reasons. #1 it's not a tall boot- along with "back" & thighs, I have huge calves-- I blame my flat feet on this condition. I can NOT fit into boots that go much above the ankle. Case in point I tried on rain boots one day with daughter and she was shocked that my calf BARELY fit into them. I also like that the toe is somewhat rounded. I feel like my feet are a bit large (size 8) for my 5'2" stature so I tend to steer away from super pointy shoes/boots.  I love that they are leather and well worth the  $85 purchase price (20% sale.)

While browsing through the Naturalizer shoes/boots I came across the "Carnivale" style of shoes. I couldn't resist and I am now thinking that these will get more wear than the boots. I love the little "collars" at the top. The heel heights are identical to the boots- 2 & 3/4 inches with a fairly chunky heel so plenty of support. I think they will look darling with jeans but could also see these with sheath dress and tights. I prefer this brown color to the boots redder brown. I think these were about $65 with 20% discount so pretty reasonable for leather shoes. I think they will be a good "price per wear" item in my wardrobe.


  1. Hoozey, for some reason I am following another blog of yours on blogspot and didn't see this update until u posted on FB. I am following you now.

    Cute boots and shoes!

    I think Naturalizers are known for being comfy, no?

  2. Nice ones Dayna! I love your boots!

  3. LT- Yeah, I have an old blogspot blog that I started but I forgot how to even GET to it- let alone GET into it. LOL. This is going to be my Hoozey Vox continuation blog-- I'm keeping it public so will only be posting stuff that I want to share that way. Those things I would have shared with "friends"/"neighborhood" will be via Facebook to my little Vox group-like photos with all my squiggly arrows ;P
    Naturalizers are quite comfy. I wore the shoes last night to football game- stood for entire 8th grade game so that was a good test. I wouldn't wear them hiking but very wearable heel height for most days. My jeans didn't get under the heels either so I am quite pleased.

    Nik- Thanks. I like that the boots look rather like classic riding boots- so they will be timeless & get plenty of usage.

  4. Love the boots although I don't think I could wear that much heel anymore. Also like the lace up shoes - I keep putting these in my basket when I check out the online shoe stores but since money is tight I haven't actually purchased any.