They Don't Call Me a Mini Martha Stewart for Nothing...Vox April 2007

I have become quite the Do It Yourselfer. At first I ventured into DIY because I had champagne tastes and beer budget. As a stay at home mom, my time was free. So I started sewing and making stuff for myself.
Eventually when money wasn't so much the issue, I kept at DIY because I found that I was getting exactly what I wanted. I started getting pickier and if I didn't make it, I wasn't going to get it. After numerous moves, I was confident enough in my decorating skills that I made a business out of it here. It isn't about the money but it gives me projects to work on and I enjoy that whole creative process. I am always shocked by my clients' reactions to my work. They rave about what I've done and I am thinking "It's not that hard" but I am starting to realize that I may have something called "talent" or a "knack" for things.

I'd always been a good cook, but not so much a baker. Give me an ingredient list and I may come up with an exceptional meal, but I hate measuring and I am always tweaking things, which can lead to disaster in baking. So when ladies posted at Makeup Talk about making their own MMU, I have to say I was both impressed but also thinking, "Hmm, that sounds like something I'd like." I read the posts, took notes and thought that would be a good project for next winter. I mean, my hubby spent this winter drywalling our basement and my turn to do some work was here. Plus with three kids, oldest running track, and the end of school quickly approaching, not to mention 3 birthdays within 10 days in May, I didn't think spring was the best time to tackle this new project. Oh, I also do most of the yardwork, I actually prefer that to cleaning. Last spring I spent hours each day moving sprinklers for the new sod. This spring I will be moving sprinklers for the newly planted grass on the lot next door that we purchased last summer.
Some of the DIY MMU girls kept encouraging me and telling me that it really was worth the effort, so one sent me a list of what to buy and I was on my way. I ordered the supplies listed and much more because I am so intrigued with natural skincare too, but that's another story. So, Saturday my package arrives from TKB- it's heavy too. I quickly hide it away... laundry room, hubby will never venture into there. I've been married long enough to know that some times I am better off not informing my hubby of my insane plans. Then if it didn't work out, I wouldn't be explaining to him why I'd wasted money AND time on this idea.
Monday morning rolls around. I have "mom" stuff to do but that package in the laundry room is so calling me! I get my duties done and break out the notes and powders. I first try a base recipe that is suggested and get a peachy yellow foundation. I figure I can work on the color later and apply some of this to my whole face. Oh no, it doesn't feel like my lovely Lumiere, maybe I've made a terrible mistake? I then calm down and think, DUH, why not base the recipe on the ingredients you know works? So that's what I did the next day. No, I didn't have any idea exactly how Lumiere makes it's FF, but I read the ingredients and based my foundation on those first listed are going to be in the highest amounts. Then when I got to the iron oxides, which I knew were the colorants, I backed off on the amounts of the later ingredients. The toughest part was keeping track of what I put in because when it comes to the coloring, that has to be done little by little at first to get it right. I still have other ideas to work on- a concealer formula for that darn spot on my forehead. Just think of me as Lady MacBeth "Out, out, damn spot." only rubbing my forehead vigorously.

So, I imagine you want to see pictures... should I, of course. I have to say, the before is brutal to do. It's one thing to be seen in person without makeup, but to have it in a photo is very unforgiving. I am always shocked to see how awful Iook without makeup in photos. Notice the brown patch above my right eye. Yep, that's my nemisis in my makeup world.  The first afters are from yesterday, quickly applied out of excitement, I used the lighter of the two foundation colors I made. The last shots are today and I used the darker shade I made- actually a better match right now.
First photo, outside... sun obviously bothering me--- the old "11" is out between my eyes.  Second, side view no makeup. Third, lighter version of my own foundation. Fourth, darker version. Fifth, darker version... does it match my neck?? Last photo, up  close to get a sense of the texture.
Rest assured MMU companies, I will not be venturing into this business. I love that I got exactly what I wanted out of my foundation. My formula is lighter feeling than Lumiere Flawless but still gives decent coverage. I also didn't add the squalane because I figure if I really need it, I can put it on my skin before I apply my MMU. I kept thinking that maybe in the summer, I may not want that in my foundation. I could NEVER see myself doing this for other skin tones. Once again this is about getting exactly what I wanted and not about money. If you find exactly what you want in a MMU, then I encourage you to just buy. Especially if you don't like cleaning up messes and don't have time to tweak and play around with it. It's not hard but it does take a time investment and most MMU wearers will find a formula perfect for them already out there in the market place. I will still be buying my colors from them and still trying samples of their foundation-- just in case they make one like mine. 

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