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Since Vox is shutting down as of Sept. 31, 2010- my old vox blog has been moved to Typepad... VOX blog LINK  All my previous public vox blogs are available to be viewed here- I really didn't feel like transferring one by one all the posts, photos, etc to this blog so Typepad will be my archive of public vox blogs.
I will continue my public posts here at Hoozey's Blog and those old vox friends will get my more private musings on Facebook. I hate to have to do this, and lose those who are not part of Facebook, but it's the only option I've been able to find to continue my blog without the privacy setting that vox allowed individual posts. Vox will be sadly missed and should any readers come across a free blog setting that has their unique privacy settings I hope she will share it with the rest of us.
I hope you will continue to enjoy my blog. Dayna

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