A Little Respect- April 2007 Vox post

I made my first matte MMU blushes today and I have to say that I give kudos to the companies that make matte blushes. I started with a base and added mostly red oxides to get plummy colors similar to a favorite of mine BE Glee that I can't wear anymore due to the Bismuth Oxychloride itch. I'd remove some color to save in a baggie with the "recipe" and then add more colors. After about an hour, I had 4 blushes- ranging from plummy red to a brownish blush. It wasn't so easy and the difference in color isn't vastly apparent. So, for all those MMU lines that have lots of matte blushes- WOW! They are really working hard to get variations and all those colors! Holy smokes... that's pretty much the last time I try that experiment... I'm ordering my matte  blushes from now on!

I made these blushes in order, so the recipes are based on the original color and then adding in other iron oxides and sometimes additional base. I now have quite a bit of #4 because that was the last one I did. I have a feeling my friends and family are getting some #4 or else I'll have to wear it every day  for the rest of my life. I haven't tried any out since I haven't done my makeup yet today. If only you could see how unglamorous I actually look right now. Hair in a pony tail, no makeup on, and I'm wearing a "jelly" apron (found at Sally's Beauty Supply) because I just got done doing the clean up from my MMU making. I am very sloppy and this vinyl apron keeps me from getting drenched while doing dishes. Yep, it's not a pretty look.

I did make some eye shadows yesterday and have to say that's much more fun and easy. Basically I mixed various micas in plastic sandwich bags with a bit of something to make it adhere better. The neat thing about this is that you can get unique looks by adding in some of the white micas that are what I call "color changing". When I get my makeup on, I'll take some photos of me in some new colors and add to this post.

Even though the eye shadow making is easy, I am still drooling over several companies' shades, especially Fyrinnae, and am thinking BUY, BUY, BUY. I guess it really boils down to I'm an eye shadow junkie and I don't want to have to work to get all the pretty colors to get my fix. I'm the kid that wants the biggest box of crayons offered- don't try to satisfy me with that puny box of 24. Where's the limited edition, one that has every color ever made? So you can bet that I'll be posting about my Fyrinnae haul and loving life.

OK. Here's my makeup done ala my own foundation, blush and eyeshadows. The blush is #3- no reason I picked that except it was on top. The eye colors are all mine except for Monave's semi-matte white as brow highlighter. Also I use BE bark for filling in my uneven brows. Also used Monave's white liner pencil to line inner lower lid. One of the eye colors seems pretty darn close to BE Nude Beach. Did a lot of purple/brown colors because I love them. Used Milan gelle drops to wet line my eyes. Boy- I need a haircut or at least a hair style.100_3416100_3439100_3417