My start into blogging world-- my first blog on vox.

100_3263Hi. I have been wearing mineral makeup or MMU for almost 5 years. I started this journey when my hubby was working late one night and I was killing time watching QVC. Saw this powder mineral makeup that was supposed to feel like nothing and make you look flawless. A few days later, I ordered since they have a money back guarantee. 
At this time was I less than satisfied with my traditional makeup. I was getting racoon eyes from smiling and my mascara migrating to under my eyes. I had tried waterproof mascara and even not doing my lower lashes but it still kept happening. I also wasn't too please with my color selections. I found that most makeup was too pink and weird looking. Very few brands had golden colors in foundations. I also lived in a rather rural area and honestly didn't really feel like spending an arm and a leg for a foundation at the mall. 
The Bare Escentuals arrived and I fell in love. My color was an easy choice in Light 2.0- golden undertones. That's me! I quickly ordered more and more products. I was soon bewitched by this mineral makeup and once I tried my first mineral eye shadow, I knew I could never go back to traditional makeup. I am a stay at home mom and when I wore traditional makeup, I really only applied it when I was going somewhere but this mineral magical stuff made me want to wear it every day for fun. I felt beautiful and it was effortless. 
Soon I was telling everyone about this stuff, my college roommate, my sisters in law, my friends and neighbors. Even my husband knew more about makeup than he wanted to because I was in love with it. I would send samples to everyone spreading the joy of this magical powder. A full-sized product could last a lifetime and there were way too many other colors to try out. In turn those I told about mineral makeup started "using", yes I call it using because it does become an addiction, but a good one. My one sister in law was sold on it because while visiting her I brought over my "crayon box" and swirled some of my foundation on the back of her hand just to show her how it felt. She was sold on it when she was doing dishes later in the day and it was still there.
Jump ahead about 4 1/2 years from my maiden voyage into the world of MMU and things turned a little murky. My face started getting itchy and then my eye lids turned red and scaley. Not a pretty look. I had heard about the dreaded itch because BE contains a lot of Bismuth Oxychloride, a filler in the makeup and I was now faced with a crisis. I knew I couldn't go back to the goop. 
I had ordered other mineral makeup by this time online. My one sister in law found one that sold smaller sizes of BE colors and told me about it. I started ordering from littlestuff4u for the smaller BE products but soon started venturing into her Pure Minerals brand. The eye shadows and blushes were lovely and I became a fan of her stuff, except for the foundation. It contained kaolin clay and I found it didn't work well with my dry skin. Sandra also sold another brand of mineral makeup. I went to that company and found a rave about the brand and about Makeup Talk forum. So I ordered samples from Monave and started reading Makeup Talk forum, especially the Mineral Makeup section. Soon I was finding out that there are lots of mineral makeups out there that the average Jane doesn't know about, and they are wonderful. Most have inexpensive samples and truly care about the individuals wearing the makeup. I went on a sampling frenzy to find my HG- Holy Grail in foundation but I always seem to pick up something else that I just had to try. The wonderful ladies at Makeup Talk would rave about a brand and I just had to try it out for myself. I also found friends at Makeup Talk who shared my love for mineral makeup and my willingness to try almost anything. 
Now I have found my HG- more on that in later posts and realize that my wealth of information about MMU is valuable to others out there. Thus my new venture into blogs. 

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