TJ Maxx Finds This Week

I'm lucky because we have a TJ Maxx right across the street from the closest WalMart, so I am able to pop in frequently to see if there's any "finds." That's the thing with TJ Maxx- you have to stop in often because like they advertise, "It's never the same store twice." I do tend to haunt certain "departments" every time I walk in the door- handbags, jewelry, "beauty area" for makeup brushes, shoes, kitchenware, & bedding. I will usually only shop the women's dresses (for daughter,) lounge wear & bottoms from time to time. On very rare occasions I will look through sweaters for dressier stuff but seeing that I usually wear a T-shirt I don't really require TJ Maxx options.
This week I stopped in before grocery shopping and came out with a sterling silver bracelet for MIL (Yep, already started on Xmas gifts- gotta get them when you see them because they won't be there next week,) a pair of Lucky Jeans for myself and LiLique Contour brush.
Over the summer I had found a pair of my favorite Levi's 515 that fit nicely since losing weight for $15- so I have started checking jeans more often now. Once again they had a pair of 515s but I've learned that even with the same brand & style they don't always fit the same. So when I tried them on- they were way too tight in the thighs so I passed on them, but I had taken multiple options into the fitting room- the key to finding decent jeans. Out of 8 options I only purchased these Lucky Jeans. I was shocked at the $88 original price tag- call me cheap but $40 is about the limit I'm going to spend on a pair of jeans- unless they make me 6 inches taller with thinner thighs. LOL The TJ price was $33 and I was quite pleased with the fact that the thighs were not the "sausage casing" look. The waist still gapes ever so slightly but if I lose a few more LB's they would still work, just fitting a little lower around hips.

The other find was a LiLique contour brush. I am a complete makeup brush ho but have actually become rather picky about ones that make the cut now. I will no longer buy a brush unless I am able to get into the packaging and feel the bristles- a good reason why one should ALWAYS wash a makeup brush before using-- you never know what weirdo has been feeling it. (I'm also the weirdo you may find sniffing shampoos, lotions, etc before purchasing.)
This LiLique brush has a round full head but very soft (I believe natural) bristles. I liked that it had a short handle. Long handled brushes are excellent for a makeup artist working on others but for applying eye shadows up close in a makeup mirror, the short-handle options work better IMO.  The comp price was $10 (I wouldn't have paid this) with $4.99 as the TJ price but it was on clearance for $4 -made my cut at this price. I think it will be an excellent brush for eye crease and blending. The short handle may have made this one that makes my travel bag cut too.


  1. LOL "you never know what weirdo has been feeling it." and that weirdo is named Hoozey. j/k :P

    I've seen some really soft bristled brushes at my TJMaxx as well but never purchased. They have some really funky colored ones too. I can never find decent makeup there though. All the ones there are all used and they still sell them too! WTF?!

    I need to check out TJMaxx now! Love those jeans.

  2. Worthy brand of brush that I've found at TJ is Gotta B' Urban-- they are usually super soft synthetic brushes that are ideal for blush, bronzer, glow, finishing powders. I prefer natural hair for eye shadow. I've never found decent makeup there-- always half broken &/or pawed to death. Bleh!

    I was pleased with the jeans- wouldn't pay $88 but $33= very worthy. ;)

  3. Yep Gotta B's are really decent! I got myself a NARS bronzer dupe that I use often.
    Didn't need it though b/c of course I have the NARS bronzer & the Sephora compliment.
    Man I've got a problem....

    Oh & I must stalk my TJ's for that brush, really like the shape & size.
    I hope I'm lucky like you!
    Uhm, in concert of weirdo-ness ham normally has to tell me to stop pawing things....

    I digress. =P