FOTD-- sorry I was MIA

Hi. Dayna here-- you may have forgotten who I am seeing that I have been pretty lame about keeping up with my blog. So I finally forced myself to do a FOTD today so you wouldn't completely forget me.

Just colored my hair today-- dark ash brown. My hair definitely goes red so every so often I have to hit it with a little ash to tone it down. Seeing that winter is coming to an end, I wanted to get another dark coloring in since I tend to go lighter in summer.

Feb. 21- FOTD
Serious Skin Care A-primer-- I'm trying to use up the last little bit of this. I actually use primer more in winter than summer-- counter-intuitve but for me I like a primer to seal in some of the moisture in my skin. I always like how my less dry summer skin holds MMU better and looks more natural.

Foundation- Dayna-- it's maybe a tiny bit peachy/dark but the days are starting to lengthen and warm up so I'm guessing I'm at my lightest and will soon be a match in no time. It's not an obvious mismatch- as you can see in this photo... doesn't look like the wrong head is attached.

Foundation was applied with MMBB new Neroli/Rose/Caffeine spray. You know I love MMBB sprays. This one has all kinds of goodness in it for my dry skin. Definitely rose scent. I like it but still partial to the crisp grape smell of the concord grape spray.

Sweetheart blush and Illumination Glow

Eyes- Just Browsing Brown for brow fill, Luscious all over lid below crease. Summer Highlight inner corner and brow highlight. Purple Haze outer corner. Lined with HIP Eggplant liner and then topped with e.l.f seal and Poy-ple. Bottom waterline e.l.f. ivory gel liner. Maybelline Full N Soft mascara.

Lips- NYC Lipstain in Persisten Pink-- I really like this one-- definitely a pink stain and prefer their tip-- longer and pointier to other lipstains I have. Topped with Sally Hansen Diamond gloss.

I'm still "assistant track coach" so I spend several hours each weekday doing that. Plus DD is trying hurdles out this year and coach usually has special  practice at local university track for those on Saturday. She still doesn't have drivers license so I go with her and get a workout in. Yesterday we made some hurdles for her to practice with out of PVC pipe. We also went to prom dress store on Saturday to get idea of what kind of prom dress she wants. She's thinking sweetheart neckline (strapless) with ruching (slanted) along bodice with it form-fitting to below hips-- somewhat mermaid style. She's very thin through the hips so this gives her the illusion of hips and more curves. Non-form-fitting dresses worked but just tended to make her look thin and delicate. She hates poufy prom dresses. It was fun shopping with her.

We recently got the pole vault pit back out. I've done a little training twice this week. I not very good but I am having fun which is the important thing.

Must get this posted and head out to track practice. I have lots of stuff that I need to blog about- African Black Soap being the latest thing


  1. Gorgeous as always!

    The Ivory gel liner on your lower lash line really makes your eyes pop.

    Prom dress shopping already? Nice!

  2. My mum has good skin. So I just briefly took one of her SKII to use, which I assume is a moisturizer. It's good man I tell you! She gave me a small bottle of eye cream before but the effects weren't that great and I stopped using. But my mum's eye cream is good! I can feel it reacting once I applied it

  3. Tee- You may actually like the elf ivory liner-- it's sparkly almost silvery white. Definitely a good one for $3!! Yep, prom dress shopping so we know what she wants because she wants to buy online so it'll be WAY cheaper. You should have seen how expensive the dresses were and most had "issues" due to all the trying on. Several had busted zippers and yet price was $300plus!! EEEPS.

  4. Hey Dayna! I miss ya! Looking gorgeous in your FOTDs as usual.
    Wow the drama of being in a band! ugh man..hope your older son remembers to have fun with it. That´s what it should be about :)

  5. Hey MarsG-- I miss ya too!! I miss Vox because it was more of a community. The boys played again Monday night and there was NO DRAMA. They sounded really good too. So I think it's going to work out.