Lipstain review- Tarte/Covergirl/Revlon Just Bitten

Above are all the lipstains I've purchased- Tarte came in a collection from QVC, CG 420, and Revlon Just Bitten in 3 colors. 

I purchased Covergirl lipstain in 420 last year and do like to use it since I tend eat my lip products off very quickly. Definitely not a product one can apply without a mirror and it does take a little practice to get it right. Cover Outlast lipstain looks like a large felt tipped marker. The colors tend to be brighter/darker that I am accustomed to so application is key. I find the best way to apply is actually turn the tip almost sideways in corner of mouth and slide along lip line towards center for the bottom lip. The top lip I kind of do this only stopping before center to do "bow" precisely from center back to where I left off. After each lining I use a finger to blend the color onto the entire lip. I apply a little more to main part of  bottom lip and quickly blend by smooshing my lips together. (I am thinking I may try to do a little video since a few have complained about having a difficult time applying lipstains like CG and Revlon ones.)  I prefer to top with a gloss because I have thinner lips and glosses make them look more plump. It's kind of a brownish mauve that is a good my lips but better color.  No smell to it and stays put.

So this summer I saw Revlon came out with Just Bitten Collection with lipstain on one end and balm on the other. I bought Twilight which seemed to be the lightest mauvy color they have. I've seen the ads with Jessica Beal wearing the light pink color and it looks kind of fake on her so probably would be even worse on me. I fell in love with this product right away. The color is a nice berry color that actually looked nice with my tanner skin and made my teeth look super white. Then a wonderful makeup maven friend sent me a bunch of lip products that didn't work for her-- thanks again Laurie =D!!! To my delight included was Just Bitten in Forbidden. I had been eyeing it but just couldn't commit to buying another. This color is a great my lips but better- not too brown, not too mauve, not too flashy. Since Laurie was kind enough to send it to me, I have since bought a backup because I really like this color too. This also tempted me to buy yet another color Beloved- a deeper almost plum shade. With a light hand, this color is quite lovely which is surprising since I tend to shy away from bolder lips. I am really in love with these because they stay on very well and glosses don't erase them like many long-wear lip products do. Feel like bare lips after applying the lip stains. Again no smell and stays put. I now have backup in Twilight and Forbidden since these have been used almost daily since purchasing/receiving.

Since I was such a fan of the Twilight lipstain I decided to try Tarte combo I'd seen at QVC when I ordered 100% Pure mascaras for Xmas present for DD- it's her favorite. I hate paying full shipping for only one thing... that's my justification  and I'm sticking to it. = ) I love Tarte gel blushes- give a true blush from within look so I thought the lipstains would be the bomb... instead they were A bomb in my book. Not lipstain at all, more like a rather matte lipstick in a swivel up applicator like many large eye pencil shadows. It has a somewhat fruity plus mint smell. Doesn't feel sticky but isn't as "not there" as other lipstains. Most disappointing was it's staying power-- I saw no difference in using this "lipstain" as I do with regular lipsticks- and definitely pricier. = ( The Lucky (pink) color looked awful on me-- just not the right color for my lips so I actually gave this to DD right away. I kept Hope (nude berry) and Exposed (Nude) looked decent but I found that I rarely used because they didn't have any more staying power-- so after taking photos I gave them to DD since she actually liked them. She has more pigmented and fuller lips so they do look nicer on her. Matte lips just don't become my thinner lips, I guess and adding gloss made these come off very quickly. I will not be repurchasing.  


  1. Hoozey - I was soooo tempted to try the Tarte lipstain at Sephora but somehow resisted. You're right it's so not a lip stain. I like that it has that minty scent and it glides on so effortlessly but yeah, not a lip stain at all. For 24.00 a tube it is quite pricey.

  2. Tee-
    Yeah, I definitely didn't pay $24 each for the Tarte Lipstains since they wear on me like a lipstick. DD likes them but lesson learned.

  3. Is there any lipstain that's better than CG but close to #420 in color?? #420 is my favorite color ever but I don't have the money to try my luck with other brands, I don't mind spending $10-$20 if it works.

    1. I would say that Revlon Forbidden is a really close match in color from swatches. I am not sure they still sell that as this is a very old post. I do prefer Revlon Lipstain to CG ones-- stay on longer in my opinion. I wasn't happy with the Tarte staying power at all so I would definitely say pass on those.