For E-- BFC cranberry option

This post is kind of for E/Face Fab because I know she has a weakness for cranberry juice and we've been talking dieting. On "The Belly Fat Cure" by Jorge Cruise fruit juice is pretty much a no no. I've been using the BFC guidelines for a year now. I have lost over 20 pounds and have easily maintained this loss since it has become a lifestyle change for me.
Drinks can be a challenge on the BFC because those sweetened with aspartame aren't "good." So usually I find myself grabbing a water if I'm out shopping and need a drink because hardly any diet drinks are belly fat good. I like Target because they have Vitamin Water Zero (sweetened with stevia) in their coolers as a more flavorful option. My favorite is the orange flavored one because it has less aftertaste than the other flavors I've tried. Recently I found Fuze and I thought of E... plus it was really yummy. It has one gram of sugar per serving  (and a bottle is more than one serving) but this is the first fruit juice that is even close to fitting into the BFC program.
Typically I drink coffee with half and half-- 1 g of sugar but I figure the caffeine is burning that sugar up without my having to necessarily count it. I drink water. I drink unsweetened teas. Occasionally I'll get a Vitamin Water Zero but it has a funny feel-- kind of slick feeling. I hadn't had any diet sodas until I recently found Zevia at Kroger. I got the cola first. It's OK. I then got Lemon Lime and Rootbeer Ginger. The Lemon Lime is not very good in my opinion... I'd rather have La Croix soda water flavored with lime or lemon. I really like the Rootbeer Ginger. It's not too sweet and has a bit of bite like ginger ale.
I do tend to follow the BFC pretty closely but there are exceptions. I will drink an occasional beer and I don't care how many carbs there are-- I would rather have a real beer or no beer than a light beer. If I'm going to have the extra calories/carbs I would rather go for one taste.


  1. D....You so rock for this!
    Thank You! I totally used to drink these all the time last year & completely forgot about them!
    You know though, when I was drinking them on the heavy, there wasn't any cran. I would have the blueberry & I think it was strawberry kiwi maybe?
    Anywhoo, thank you so much for the reminder!

    Did you know JC's book isn't coming out til Nov.? I thought about having mom reserving it for me since she's a librarian, lol, but I'd only get it a month or so earlier.
    Anywhoo, you are totally dead on with the gingered root beer. Probably the best bet out of all the options.

    You are so good...I need to write.

  2. I knew cranberry was your weakness and I absolutely LOVED this one. I am def hooked on this option. I also love the Zevia root beer when I need a little bubbly. =)

  3. I've never tried this before, Hoozey. Now I'm curious.

    Hey, have you ever tried Coconut Water? My coworker gave me a bottle from Trader Joe's and it's actually really good. It's slightly sweet..very slightly, but it's quite refreshing. It's 100% Coconut Water with nothing else added. They also have one with Mango flavoring.

  4. I have never had coconut water because when I've looked, the sugar content is really high-- like 14 g-- that's nearly a day's amount on BFC. That's why I had to give up milk-- 12 g in a serving. I try to keep my choices at about 1 g of sugar or less.