Storage Solutions

January is usually a time when people make resolutions-- lose weight, start exercising, get organized are usually high on the list. Here's my little "get organized" solution that I've put into place at my house. With mineral makeup business and home decor business, not to mention my interest in anything crafty, storage solutions are necessary.

So instead of spending LOADS of money on prefab storage boxes, I have covered shoe boxes with contact paper to make pretty storage. With a family of 5 and all of us involved in sports, we have A LOT of shoe boxes. Then DD and I share the same shoe size, so I have a tendency *cough, justification* to buy cute shoes since we BOTH can wear them. I found inexpensive contact paper at Big Lots and figure for less than a dollar, I can make some really cute storage boxes. Most of the athletic shoes come in boxes that have an attached lid so I usually cover those with the same contact paper but if it's a box with a separate lid I like to cover in coordinating contact paper. My recent purchase of Fit Flop Boots came in an interesting box where it's a drawer-like container.

Covering is easy- cut a piece of contact paper large enough to cover box. I usually only peel back part of the release paper unless it's a 2-piece box. Center box on paper and push down in position. Make relief cuts at corners and fold onto sides. Continue this process until box is covered. Sometimes the sides need a little extra so I apply this piece last.

After covering I print out adhesive labels so I can "see" what is in each box easily and stack on shelving. These combine easily with prefab storage solutions as well.


  1. Very clever Hoozey! I don't think I've ever seen contact paper. So, they have adhesive on it that you peel off?

    I need that drawer for my spools of thread too. Mine is taking over my piddly little storage box with no organization whatsoever.

  2. Contact paper is usually in kitchen area of stores like Walmart- often used as shelf liner. It is vinyl with adhesive on the back.

    The thread organizers are actually 3 separate boxes- found in sewing area of Walmart. Worth to invest in when one does a lot of sewing. I've also seen wooden ones. The Bobbins box has little plastic bobbin organizers inside it