Hard Candy Cheeks

I fell in love with gel blush with Tarte- a little "Dollface" in the winter always perked up my complexion but I didn't love the Tarte price- $28 for a full size. Granted it will last forever but who wants to shell out that kind of cash for ONE blush??? So WalMart started carrying Hard Candy and I saw their dual ended gel blushes and yep, I bought all three. At $6 each, for 2 different blushes it seemed like a worthy chance to take.

Left to Right 316- Pillow Talk, 317-Hot Date, and 315- In Love

Not a ton of product in each end- most of the it is packaging but honestly it's enough for many applications and a Tarte full size is just about impossible to ever go through and do you really want to have liquid based makeup around for years?

315- In Love-- Peachy colors- The darker looking end is actually a sheer barely there peach color that has some pearly glow to it. The brighter peach has a bit of pink to it. This one is definitely a pop of color although it doesn't really suit my yellow undertones.

316- Pillow Talk- Bright Pink combo. Once again the darker end ends up being a sheer pearly pink while the brighter end is a bright pop of pink. These ones have become my "go to" ones since the pop of pink with a bit of the pearly end for highlight gives me a lovely bit of pink color to my dead winter skin.

317- Hot Date-- The darker end on this one is actually a sheer berry with a tiny bit of purple slant to it while the other end is a a brighter red berry-- like strawberry juice on the skin. The darker shade suits my yellow undertones a little better but my favorite is definitely Pillow Talk out of all of these blushes.

Application is pretty simple. I swipe a bit on the apple of my cheeks and blend towards hairline. Then I usually top the pop of color with the pearly side to give my upper cheek a bit of a glow. They do stay a bit tacky for a while but I have really dry skin so I hate using powder to set them. They last throughout the day for me but my dry skin doesn't seem to challenge makeup staying power.

Last but not least-- swatches on the skin. Above without flash- L-R Hot Date, In Love, and Pillow Talk
Below with flash-


  1. I have these too! I didn't get In Love though since the colors didn't appeal to me. Yep, they are sheer huh but it gives me enough color on my cheeks. I also apply them pretty heavily before powder foundation so that the blush is set when I apply my foundation.

  2. I wouldn't recommend In Love for yellower skin tones- I know Nars Orgasm is peachy (never tried) but I find peachy goes orangy on me =/ I really like Pillow Talk. Really gives a believable blush on me in winter.

  3. All these Hard Candy posts make me want to go visit Wally world... but then not really. :P

  4. Jen- LOL- Much as I dislike Wally World I am there almost every week. =)