Hard Candy Hot Smudge

So I've been tempted by Hard Candy Hide and Glow Cheek gel blushes, Glow All The Way, and Sheer Envy Primer so their Hot Smudge caught my eye in drop out (290) a purple combo. One side is purple, purple and the other is more brown/plum. Part of the reason I splurged on this is the little brush/smudger that comes with it. As a mineral makeup maker, I tend to be picky about buying eye makeup but I figure if I hated the makeup, I may find the brush worthy.

I do not like the packaging because I always seem to struggle to remember how it opens-- hinges on "Hot Smudge" end but I often find myself trying to slide the clear top off or some other lame attempt to open it. Definitely not a product I would be grabbing if I were in a hurry-- just chalk it up to dumb operator. LOL
No Flash

Hard Candy Hot Smudge in Drop Out (290) with Flash
I like the colors-- you can see a little better in the flash photo how the one color is grapy purple whereas the other is almost brown yet combined they make a lovely color that really compliments the green in my eyes. These are definitely NOT smudge-proof. I would definitely set with a sheer powder if you have creasing issues normally. I usually only use as a liner but would wonder how well this would work for a smoky eye considering this aspect. As you can see in the photo without flash, the brush/smudger is really tiny. I LIKE that.
Hard Candy Hot Smudge Brush/Smudger
Brush End-- look how thin!!!

Smudger end-- it's tiny. Most precise one I've ever come across


  1. Hoozey - that's so funny because I have the exact same product at home and was going to blog about it but always forget.

    I like the colors but yep, they crease on me like nobody's business. As a liner on the top lids I think it's an okay product but forget about using it on the lids because it'll crease in minutes for me.

  2. Tee- You nailed it. I do love the brush though for those looking for a thin slanted brush and the smudger end is so cute too. LOL